Are You Ready for Summer School?

Are You Ready for Summer School?

For the ultimate employee volunteer experience during the summer months, consider a school refurbishment. During these programs, your employees will make a meaningful, lasting impact through indoor and outdoor projects from building furniture for classrooms to painting murals, landscaping, and deep cleaning.

Giving Back During the Holiday Season


Give2Get employees who work with nonprofits daily are acutely aware of these organizations' constantly changing needs. We're also aware of how each organization responds to crisis situations. 

Earlier this year, we worked with corporations that partnered with organizations like the American Red Cross, the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, and Military Missions in Action, which assisted those who were displaced by Hurricane Florence. 

In December, we will execute projects to support Northern California nonprofits that have seen a dramatic increase in requests for assistance because of fires that destroyed large areas, including the Camp Fire, which was the deadliest fire in the state's history. 

If you'd like to assist nonprofits this year, there are still ways to get involved. 

First, you'll need to find an appropriate organization to assist like a shelter, food bank, or senior center.

Consider hosting toy drives for children. Many organizations ask that individuals who donate items provide unwrapped gifts so that parents can choose the items that fit their children's age and interests.

Other items that are needed include personal hygiene items from toothpaste to soap and winter items like hats, gloves, and socks. 

Nonprofits will often list needed items on their websites. When in doubt, however, you can donated gift cards to grocery or big-box stores.

You can also work with seniors. The holidays can be lonely times for those who live alone. Consider spending time at your local senior center in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

You don't need special skills to be of assistance — just having someone to talk to, play cards with, or complete a puzzle alongside can be a joy for seniors. 

Other options include volunteering at an animal shelter. Consider signing up to become a foster parent. Usually, there's training involved, but by registering now, you will be contacted when future classes start.

It's also possible to walk dogs, which helps them maintain their health, but can be difficult if the organization's regular volunteers do not feel comfortable walking outside in snow or ice. 

Give2Get's Busy Fall: A Recap

Volunteers at Symantec’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, paused for a picture while they were putting together bee hotels for the Planet Bee Foundation.

Volunteers at Symantec’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, paused for a picture while they were putting together bee hotels for the Planet Bee Foundation.

Whew!  After months of planning and prepping, from mid-September through the end of October, Give2Get ran 35 volunteer events for more than 4,000 employees and meeting attendees around the world. 

We ran programs for groups with as few as 25 attendees up 600 employees in locations as close as Denver, where we're headquartered, to as far away as Malaysia. Events also took place in Budapest, Dublin, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and Tokyo — as well as 25+ programs throughout the continental United States.

To say it's the busiest we've ever been is an understatement.

Yet, regardless of the location, each client received a program that was tailored to their interest areas from environmental initiatives that involved picking up hundreds of pounds of trash and planting thousands of flowers and saplings to education-based programs that included assembling hundreds of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) kits to programs that improved the lives of the homeless by making thousands of blankets and packing hygiene kits.

More importantly, though we often partner with nonprofits that clients have existing relationships with, we often bring in our own ideas. Instead of donating pet beds to animal shelters, we may ask volunteers to make beds, toys, and collars. This way, in addition to the nonprofit getting the items they need, the corporations that we work with can accomplish their own goals like building employees’ communication and teamwork skills. We also, thanks to our global network, can help clients find new nonprofits to work with that support cause areas that they care about. 

We keep our nonprofit partners happy, too. Many times they are simply told that they will receive a certain number of items, but at Give2Get, we start with the question, "What do you need?" This is a game changer because nonprofits don't have to worry about finding places to house extra items or worry that the items they receive will be inappropriate for their clientele. 

Instead, they received shoes that are sized appropriately (My New Red Shoes) and backpacks that are filled with the required healthy foods for children who were effected by Hurricane Florence (Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina). 

Give2Get events are also designed to fit each client's needs from a logistical standpoint — whether hosting events in large conference centers as part of a networking kickoff, at the company's office during the workday, or offsite at a local school, park, or food bank. We also consider all of the extra items that you may not think of — transportation, snacks, entertainment, photographers, and waivers — just to name a few items.

As we wrap up 2018, we're excited to see the number of corporations that have moved past hosting traditional end-of-year toy and food drives to providing exciting opportunities for employees (and, sometimes, their families) to volunteer together for the same organizations. 

We're also thrilled to see that many corporations are championing employee giveback programs for January's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which has long been a day that highlighted volunteering, or Earth Day, which was started to encourage individuals to improve the environment they live in.

How to Plan CSR Events for Your 2019 Meetings

How to Plan CSR Events for Your 2019 Meetings

Planning meetings and events can take months — from finding the perfect location to making food and beverage selections. In the past, once you’ve settled on a property, you have lots of resources at your disposal for planning the event, except when it comes to implementing an meaningful social impact program. These CSR events used to take up a disproportionate amount of your time and energy — until now. 

Now's the Time to Plan Your Holiday CSR Program

Now's the Time to Plan Your Holiday CSR Program

It may only be the beginning of August, but now is the perfect time to plan your holiday corporate social responsibility programs, especially if you’re adamant about getting to volunteer with a specific nonprofit or at a specific time — those happy hour volunteer spots fill up fast!

Create a CSR Sponsorship for Your Next Conference

Create a CSR Sponsorship for Your Next Conference

Are you missing a revenue opportunity for your conference? Many conferences are adding a corporate social responsibility activity package as part of their key sponsorship offerings. Not only is this an impactful way of engaging attendees, but it’s also a great way to create goodwill for sponsors and the conference organizers. Creating a CSR proposal for an event can be tricky; however, you need to get this on your conference agenda. 

Astellas Dedicates Itself to Changing Tomorrow

Astellas Dedicates Itself to Changing Tomorrow

At their latest national sales conference, employee volunteers worked together to improve the lives of clients from five nonprofits in the Southern California area including the Audubon Society, Mercy House, Special Olympics of Southern California, UCLA Arts & Healing, and Venice Community Housing.

Give2Get Assists Avolon with CSR Program Thousands of Miles from HQ

Give2Get Assists Avolon with CSR Program Thousands of Miles from HQ

When Avolon, a company headquartered in Ireland, needed a corporate social responsibility project for employees in the United States, Give2Get designed and executed a day-long program at a local Boys & Girls Club, incorporating the company’s mission of improving access to STEM education.

Socially Conscious Father's Day Gifts: 2018 Edition

Shopping for Father's Day gifts can be notoriously tricky. That's why we've put together a list of the top socially conscious gifts for Father's Day — perfect for any dad (or, really, any guy)! 


Harry's Skincare Products: A clean shave that also helps men break stereotypes — what could be better? Harry's partners believe that there is more than one way to be a man. Society encourages men to act a certain way, which can be harmful to both them and their communities. As part of Harry's charitable efforts, the brand sets aside a percentage of its sales for charitable organizations including The Representation Project, A Call to Men, CALM, and The Bronx Freedom Fund. Visit


LSTN Headphones: LSTN was founded with a singular purpose: to change lives through the power of music. Proceeds from sales of all LSTN products go towards giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide through Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Starkey Hearing Foundation has been in operation for more than 30 years and served 1.1 million people. Visit for more information.


Magic Room Brand Music Accessories: After being a drummer for 30 years, Vijoy Rao realized that the chemically treated wood and plastic that were used for sticks and picks had a major environmental impact. He decided to do something about it, creating eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable drumsticks and guitar picks. Made from bamboo, the products are incredibly lightweight and strong. Bamboo doesn't require a lot of resources to grow, matures in 1/10th the time as many commonly used trees, and is a grass (not wood) so there are no issues with deforestation. Visit


WeatherHYDE Tents: The weatherHYDE family tent is among the best. It has an innovative, reversible skin and waterproof triple-wall construction. It's designed to keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry in the rainy season. All profits go to providing housing for the homeless. You can also purchase a tent for a homeless family. Visit to choose the option that fits your father!