What promise?


John Goldwyn is a successful film producer, former studio head, and grandson of one of the original independent film producers. When asked to define a 'good movie', he said that a good movie delivers what it promises. If a movie promises to be funny, it needs to be funny to be good.  If it promises to be scary, it needs to be scary to be good. Pretty simple in his mind.  

Around here, we talk about producing your promise. What does that mean? What promise, and how does this relate to you?

Let us explain

Similar to movie producers and studios, a lot of organizations spend hours and resources developing and promoting promises. Promises about the goods and services they sell; and promises about what kind of employers they are. They make promises about their positive impact on the people and the world around them. We love that! We need organizations that boldly say who they are and what they believe in — but it only matters if they follow through.

Today's working and buying population have some pretty exacting expectations about the companies they work for and buy from. Our current workforce — and subsequently our purchasing population — is made up mostly of Millennials. They think differently about employment and consumerism compared to any other demographic before them. Millennials (and, it just so happens, everyone else) want, and expect, that companies that make promises to do something do what they say they are going to do.  

Said differently — if a company's promise isn't consistent with what they actually say and do, people will notice and act. People want to do good things in the world and expect the companies in their lives that say they do good things to actually do those things.

This is where we come in

We help you walk the walk in whatever way makes the most sense for your organization. For the last 20 years, we've helped invent, design and activate real experiences that blend organizational promises, culture, and civic engagement to motivate people, and to connect them with brands and each other. We invite participants to GIVE — their time, their energy, their trust — to GET something in return (see what we did there?).

And what are they getting exactly?  It's different for every event, organization, and individual. But across the board, participants get to have a meaningful experience working towards a common goal. They get the knowledge that their efforts matter. And, most importantly, they get to see that the organizations in their lives make good on their promises.

Plus, they might get to see Busta Rhymes.