What is Give2Get?


We started working in the social impact space 20 years ago to mobilize a small town. It wasn't because there was a growing employee engagement industry or that brands were becoming more and more concerned with the kind of company they were perceived to be. In fact, NONE of that was happening 20 years ago to any real degree.

We were in Telluride, Colorado — if you haven't been, you should go — looking for a way to get the community to clean, repair, and rebuild after the summer music festival tourists came through town. We produced our own concert for locals, but the only way to go to the show was to volunteer around town making it better. You had to give your time to get a ticket. In short, it was the coolest thing that summer. We fixed trails, cleaned up the river, refurbished camp grounds, and did all sorts of impactful work. The biggest impact, however, was on those of us living there; we came together as a small town and celebrated ourselves and our collective efforts.

Since then we have worked around the world with many partners, hundreds of thousands of people, and local communities to produce that same feeling. We have developed into a world class company that is a powerful and unique tool to help businesses and brands make deep connections with the people they care about the most — their employees and their customers. Creating opportunities for people to be their best selves can generate tremendous rewards of loyalty, engagement, and love. We create this value by mobilizing people using volunteerism in new ways.

We are relaunching our efforts here in order to reach more people and do more good. We like the doing of things, but in this blog, we want to explore some ideas, share our point of view on the 'good' business, and show some real, tangible examples of how we have invented new ways to connect.

We are eager to hear from people who want to forge a new path and even more ready to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. We look forward to both!