Substitute Volunteer Programs For Holiday Parties

Members of large companies often only get together for holiday parties. That's not the case at Liberty Global, the world's largest TV and broadband company that serves 29 million. Instead, led by CEO Mike Fries, the company hosts annual volunteer days for employees and their families. 

Since the organization began its "Day of Service" four years ago, it has chosen a school near its US headquarters in Denver to refurbish. Give2Get provides a list of eligible schools that it recommends working with to Liberty Global leaders to choose between.

Work at the school often includes landscaping, building furniture, sorting books in the library or resource rooms, deep cleaning storage spaces, painting murals, and other activities. Additionally, school-specific projects are designed such as assembling art display cases, refurbishing the theater display area, or making a theater props workshops and donating needed tools. 

In the past, nearby neighborhood Boys & Girls Clubs that support the schools are also impacted. Liberty Global has donated new computers, transformed rooms for teens with storage, new furniture, and paint as well as other needed donations.

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