Integrate Intern Classes into Your Company

It may take interns time to adjust to the companies where they'll be employed for a semester or summer. In that time, they may be less productive than they should be because they're too timid to ask questions or they aren't comfortable with their cohorts.

At Facebook's NYC office, though, interns were able to get to know each other and learn more about the company through a volunteer project on the city's Lower East Side. During the course of an afternoon, interns were tasked with updating the rooftop of New Design High School. Interns were also able to get to know their managers better as well as work with interns in different departments.

The interns built benches and picnic tables on the roof and painted over the walls that would be with murals at the beginning of the school year, and completed similar activities. Inside, the interns deep cleaned and painted walls and murals in the computer lab, library, and several other areas.

“Our kids will love the fresh classrooms and new art in the building," said Jesse Pais, New Design High School Dean. "And the rooftop is ready to roll for another year of incredible art pieces to inspire our students and community thanks to you all!"