Provide Social Impact Sponsorships for Your Event


Social impact programs can be added to an existing event as a new sponsorship option. Socially minded brands can choose to sponsor a program that impacts the community where the event is being held. 

In 2017, First Tennessee Bank decided to sponsor social impact events leading up to the first MEMPHO Music Festival. The social impact programs all took place at or near Shelby Farms Park where the concert would later be held. This can be a boon when large events are being held at parks or other communal spaces that may be seeing an increase in traffic — and wear from that traffic.


Individuals, who earned tickets to the festival for volunteering for four hours, often see this as a way to help "get ready for the large event" and their branded shirts, water bottles, baseball caps, and other items can provide additional support for the event and sponsoring brand. 

Give2Get provides a CRM to manage volunteer flow that can be white-labeled for any group or event. Text and email communications as well as customer service support is available.