Find the Funk in Social Impact


By and large, we all want to make the world better.  As part of that, we want to make our own cities and communities better. We strategize on how to make it possible while not giving into the enormity of the challenges. We write articles and blog posts (!) about the real needs of people. We click, share, get angry and, occasionally, tear up as we read about what is going on 'out there'.

The truth is that most of that hand wringing is only getting us anxious. Matthew B. Crawford has written a few books about the importance of doing things and how the doing of the things gets your brain moving and focused on the world in a different way. I was recently reading The World Beyond Your Head, and he reminded me of a basic truth in funk music:

Move your ass, and your mind will follow.

This is true when it comes to modern philosophy, but it is exponentially more true when it comes to social impact. While you want to do the kind of things that have impact, making the world better is not a thought experiment. It is very much an active experiment.

We spend our time thinking about the right kind of things to do. But we spend more of our time thinking about how we can get people to move their ass and do something. If you start doing, you will understand the challenges and possible solutions more profoundly.