Brands That Understand CSR: Lowe’s Heroes


At Give2Get, we spend a lot of time helping brands determine how to design successful social impact programs and make sure the brands we work with choose meaningful executions that their consumers will remember. It’s not always easy. There are many great causes.

We do love to see brands that “get it”, though, and enjoy celebrating them — regardless of whether we’ve had a part in their success.

For more than 10 years, Lowe's, a home-improvement brand, has encouraged employees to take part in their employee-volunteer program, Lowe’s Heroes. Through the program, each Lowe's location adopts a nonprofit or public school to refurbish.

“Giving back to the community is actually foundational to who we are as a company.” said James Frison, Director of Community Relations.

Earlier this week, Lowe's Heroes rebuilt four homes and a community center in Henderson, Nevada, with Rebuilding Together, a leading national non-profit which launched its “Rebuild-a-Block” program that will restore homes and neighborhood service centers in Tampa, Florida; Henderson, Nevada; and Fayetteville, North Carolina with the Lowe's team.

“It takes dedicated, hard work to keep a house in good condition,” Frison said. “Our Lowe’s Heroes love being part of the Rebuild-a-Block program that helps homeowners make the necessary repairs to ensure a safe environment and keep a house feeling like a home.”

For a home improvement brand, what better mission could there be?