Emotional Connection Matters More


Last year, Harvard Business Review published an article that said what most marketers know to be true.  

"On a lifetime value basis, emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers." 

There is a ton of investment into measuring and creating customer satisfaction. Every time I get my car serviced, I am encouraged by the technician to give a high score to the survey that will be coming my way in a few days. "PLEASE be satisfied, and even overjoyed, with my work," the technician says. I understand the pressure, but does that make me want to come back or care?


This article outlines some high-impact, motivating feelings for consumers in connection with brands, and a few stood out to us.

Feeling a sense of belonging: A brand community can be an awesome club similar to a fanbase for an artist or athlete. People are looking for connection and family — especially with people they aspire to be or be like. Creating that for consumers works!

Be the person I want to be: This rising generation, like generations before, want to be the best version of themselves. Can a brand help me be better? Is it too much to ask of the brands in my life to help me be better? No!

Succeed in life: Similarly, this generation wants a life of meaning beyond financial and socioeconomic measures. Success is being measured more against the ideal person you'd like to evolve into. Can brands help me get there? Many will say they can!

It's obvious now that establishing a connection to your consumer is quite important. The question becomes how to create that connection in an authentic way. We have found social impact activations have a profound effect on creating these types of feeling in consumers. 

Through social impact activations, we connect with others to create a sense of belong and also help them be the person they want to be. If you have ever helped someone, you know that it is a powerful feeling. Brands that create that feeling build an emotional bond to the consumer that will keep them engaged long after the activation has ended. Let us help you get started.