The Authenticity Trap


Authenticity is all the rage today.

For brands, though, authenticity is currency. Finding an authentic message can be the difference between emotionally connecting to a customer for life or another poorly executed campaign. However, in the rush to find an authentic message, the conversation is always about how brands can be authentic to the customer. 

"How do we reach them authentically? We need an authentic message."

But that is the trap. If someone is trying to be authentic TO YOU, you would call them a suck up. It's impossible to be authentic when targeting a specific consumer — you have to be authentic to you and your brand. 

Ask, "What do we care about? Who are we? How do we see the world?"

Finding out what your customers care about and then trying to show that you care about that too is a recipe for disaster. If the message is authentic to who you and your people are, then 80% of the job is done. 

Photo by Neill Kumar on Unsplash