Facebook Takes a Step to Create Unity in the US


Each year Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg makes a resolution. Last year, his goal was to travel around the United States meeting new people. It was an interesting resolution for the man who has made digital connection so easy for those around the globe. However, it dovetails nicely into this year's resolution: To fix the issues that have fostered a sometimes hostile environment.  

"The world feels anxious and divided, and Facebook has a lot of work to do — whether it’s protecting our community from abuse and hate, defending against interference by nation states, or making sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent,” Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page. “My personal challenge for 2018 is to focus on fixing these important issues. We won’t prevent all mistakes or abuse, but we currently make too many errors enforcing our policies and preventing misuse of our tools. If we’re successful this year then we’ll end 2018 on a much better trajectory.”

His commitment to the goal couldn't come soon enough. According to the Pew Research Center, two-thirds of Facebook users get their news there; and, with serious issues plaguing the country and a mid-term election in November, there's never been a better time to act.

As you look to the year ahead, how will you make a difference in your community?