Giving is Moving Online Thanks to Social Media, Email: 2017 Trends Report


With the season of giving upon us, it’s time to release the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report.

At Give2Get, we like to focus on creating amazing volunteer opportunities for individuals who want to make their communities better. These opportunities help people connect to each other and the people they serve.

We also understand, though, that giving serves its own role; especially when it comes to keeping the lights on! That’s why we found these statistics around giving so interesting. See what you think:

  •  Global giving is up. Access to a 24/7 news cycle that covers issues around the world has led to 45% of donors giving to NGOs outside their country of residence.
  • Online giving is up, too! That’s largely thanks to social media platforms. Of the 42% of online donors who cite social media as being the inspiration for them donating to others, Facebook is considered the most inspiring platform.
  • Email campaigns are also important. It’s often one of the first ways they learn about fundraising events, according to 57% of individuals.

It’s not just Millennials who are comfortable giving online. According to the report 59% of Baby Boomers give online. That’s the same rate as Gen Xers.