Even though we are more connected than ever, people desperately seek connection — not only to each other, but also to brands. Millennials grew up connected, but crave tangible experiences, especially when they're giving back.

We bridge the gap between your brand promise and meaningful, impactful real-life experiences that people want. The programs and events we create build authentic, worthwhile engagement between brands and consumers.  

We can leverage an existing event portfolio or start from scratch. We have a 20-year track record of inventing, building, and executing social impact experiences around the world, and we're ready to get to work for you.

We've worked with brands and non-profit partners in 10 countries to create 2,600 volunteer events for than 160,000 volunteers. Catch our volunteers' excitement in the video below: 

Create Consumer Relationships

Optus, a leading telecommunications company in Australia, wanted to better engage their 18- to 24-year old market around music and chose to become the title sponsor of RockCorps Australia, a campaign that encourages individuals to volunteer to gain access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Over three years, more than 13,000 volunteers earned tickets to see exclusive shows across the country driving extensive social media engagement. The campaign trended #1 on Twitter, reached and estimated eight million people, and provided social media engagements seven times higher than average with digital returning 260% above benchmark. 

Build Consumer Trust

Coca-Cola chose to use the RockCorps platform to mobilize the youth of South Africa to become active participants in uplifting their communities. The teen-driven movement focused on high schools in and around Johannesburg.

Thousands of volunteers worked in orphanages and pre-schools throughout the region to see Busta Rhymes and Ciara for the first time ever in South Africa!  

The media valuation proved profitable with 112M impressions and a 1:24 ROI. 

Engage Influencers

Buchanan's Share Yourself brand campaign naturally extended into our pro-social model and was activated in Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela during 2013. Thousands of the brand's top influencers were invited to volunteer at projects in each country. Private celebration concerts were then held in Caracas, Bogota, Guadalajara and Mexico City. More than 25,000 hours of volunteer work benefited local schools, orphanages, and vocational training centers.  The events were positioned around national ad campaigns in each country with calls to action on TV, OTA, and outdoor. 


Connect Through Culture

Over a four-year program, Boost Mobile RockCorps held seven concerts in Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta, generating 30,000 volunteers and 120,000 hours of work.

Media coverage of the events included one-hour concert specials on MTV2 and Palladia (MTV Live), as well as a seven-episode series that earned a local Emmy for "Outstanding Coverage of an Event" in New York.    

Build & Distribute Shareable Content

Orange, the UK telecommunications company, developed their brand around the promise of "Together we can do more."

Throughout the multi-year campaign, Orange created customized brand communications and television advertisements using actual volunteers from the many events they held to drive home their core brand promise.