Millennials — the largest workforce population — grew up connected through social media. Yet, research shows they crave direct, tangible experiences when giving back. 

Give2Get has been designing and executing social impact experiences for the last 20 years. Each experience links civic engagement with company culture. The goal, of course, is to engage individuals.

We don't just produce events, though. We consider your industry, brand values, employees, and potential employees to create a custom experience that is aligned with your overall mission. Research shows that volunteers are the most underserved group during corporate social responsibility programs, but the Give2Get approach makes sure that all stakeholders including the non-profits, volunteers, and corporations have their needs met. 

We also work with corporate social responsibility teams to make sure our projects align with the United Nation's sustainable development goals. That could mean working toward a world with no poverty, quality education, or life on land. 

Teams that have yet to choose which sustainable development goals they will champion may choose to work with one of our consultants. These consultants recommend not only which sustainable development goals make sense for the company to champion, but also build comprehensive plans to help clients work toward achieving the goals. 

Connect Through Days of Impact

Liberty Global, the world's largest provider of television and broadband services, used to throw large parties for their employees. Three years ago, however, the company started working with Give2Get to use volunteer outings to highlight accomplishments.

Each year, the organization adopts a different Denver Public School. In 2016, more than 100 employees and family members completely refurbished the entrance to Chelthenham Elementary School, several interior classrooms, and the neighboring Boys & Girls Club's computer learning center. 


Connect Your Team Nationally

After some internal struggles and a brief hiatus from its national corporate social responsibility program, T-Mobile decided to re-launch its program with Give2Get.

For three years, Give2Get managed T-Mobile's Huddle Up program, which included 36 volunteer days for thousands of employees in locations across the country. 

During each activation, the T-Mobile Team improved a local school and provided a monetary donation to cover additional improvements.


Build a Great Culture 

Doug Ryan, the president of DigitasLBi, says that his agency's Community Service Days have become essential to company culture.

"The event fosters a philanthropic spirit well beyond the actual volunteer event," Ryan said.  

DigitasLBi has transformed public schools in New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago. Most recently, the Chicago office refurbished the Piccolo School of Excellence in the city's West Humboldt Park neighborhood.