Meetings, events, conferences, and trade shows exist to bring people together, create connections, and leave lasting impressions — whether that's from a keynote speaker, fireside session, or social impact program. 

We provide white-label, turnkey services for those who would like to add social impact to their events. Our capabilities include non-profit evaluation, partner management, project design, and day-of execution. We provide all project supplies and trained staff. Catering, donation delivery, or transportation to off-site locations are also managed by our team. Additional entertainment, photographers, and videographers can also be secured.

In our 20-year history, we have created a lasting, meaningful impact around the world by helping planners contribute to their client's social impact stories whether they're fighting hunger, saving the planet, or improving the health and lives of the homeless. These programs also produce highly beneficial connections for attendees, organizations, and the community.


Engage Team Members 

During an event this year, sales personnel from around the United States completed a multi-sector project that created a lasting impact in the Dallas community where the conference was held. Care packages for active military service members, handmade blankets for patients at a local hospital, hygiene kits for the homeless, animal toys and beds, team banners for Special Olympians, circuit boards to introduce girls to STEM courses, essential food bags, and nesting boxes for local birds were all created.  


Host Events at Your Office or Conference Space 

Meetings, events, conference, and trade shows aren't always in your home city. That's where Give2Get comes in.

We recently vetted nonprofits  in Toronto, choosing several that aligned with the meeting's theme for event managers could choose between. Individuals who took part in the activation, created blankets for a women’s shelter, made art kits for patients at a children’s hospital, and filled grocery bags with essential food items for the homeless. 


Host Events at a Nonprofit or Other Spaces

Many of our clients take their teams away from business environments during their meetings or events.

That's why we have options that allow clients to choose where they host their events — we've designed projects to refurbish nonprofit buildings, plant flowers and trees in parks, or race around a city completing tasks like assembling hygiene kits or decorating banners for area nonprofits. 

The “Give Back” activity was one of my favorite things — ever — in my 11 years in the industry.
— Sales Meeting Attendee in Dallas, Texas

With only 30 minutes, 600 MAC employees packed more than 1,200 women's hygiene bags for NGO mothers2mothers.