The contributions have helped support making Piccolo a safe, warm and welcoming place for Piccolo students and families!
— Michael Abello, Piccolo Elementary School of Excellence (Chicago)

We match our clients and non-profit partners carefully. Our experienced project leaders know how to plan projects that balance clients’ capacity and skills with the needs of the non-profit. It's our goal to make a lasting impact on our non-profit partners’ ability to carry out their missions. To do that, we work closely with our partners to build objectives that we know our volunteers can execute successfully. 

Once a partnership has been arranged, our process ensures that the non-profits don't have to do additional work to support our programs. Instead, we handle the project planning including purchasing and storing project supplies, project set up and tear down. If we're working at a non-profit’s facility, we are careful to leave no trace of our presence — except for the work that we've done. When we do projects offsite, we arrange a convenient time to drop off all donations. 

Not only were the events well organized, but they were also energetic and fun. You could tell that everyone was enjoying their time — the energy was great!

Organizing large volunteer events (100+ people) gives me some anxiety, but I was completely relieved of all doubt when I saw how well GV2GT managed each event!
— Melissa Dison, Memphis Tilth

Finally, we are committed to creating the biggest impact possible in the cities our clients and non-profit partners call home. For that reason, we make an effort to source our supplies at local stores. We also hire local day-of project staff including employees of the non-profit partner who want to help make an impact. Whether it’s a teacher, an after-school club leader or a nature conservationist, we find hiring these passionate and knowledgeable individuals often enriches our project and helps connect volunteers with the experience. 

Project Options

In addition to being cause agnostic, we are flexible in creating projects from our multi-partner onsite to single-partner offsite options. 

For our onsite programming, we bring projects to you. Create care packages for active or retired military personnel and their families, make enrichment toys for zoo animals, or craft blankets for those who are in the hospital. Small groups or those who only have a short window of time to volunteer often champion one cause while large groups have chosen to work with eight or more non-profit partners by dividing conference halls or office buildings into multiple stations. 

Our offsite programming takes your team to the project. You may choose to work at a school or community center, within in homeless shelter, or at the neighborhood veterans association. Although this project may seem daunting, we can scale this option for 20-person groups or groups that reach into the thousands.

We have worked with thousands of non-profits in more than 10 countries.  Over this past year, we are proud to have connected with many local chapters and organizations to create unique experiences for thousands of volunteers.